Our Clinics

  • Disability Rights Clinic

    In Israel today, an estimated 10% of the population lives with physical, sensory, mental or cognitive disabilities. Although Israel has undergone extensive legislative reform in the area of disabilities, proactive advocacy on behalf of persons with disabilities has long been neglected, and...
  • Civil Legal Aid clinic

    The Civil Legal Aid Clinic offers legal assistance to populations that cannot afford to engage professional legal aid. Regrettably, the prohibitively high cost of legal assistance often bars those in greatest need from applying for professional help. In addition, oftentimes the weaker populations...
  • Women's Legal Aid Clinic

    Israeli women in divorce proceedings often find themselves in dire financial straits and cannot afford good legal representation. This difficulty is compounded by the fact that sole authority for marital cases lies with the Rabbinical Courts, where granting a divorce is entirely dependent upon the...
  • Jewish Law Clinic

    In Israel, the law permits consenting individuals to take their monetary disagreements to religious court instead of the civil court system. The Jewish religious monetary courts decide cases based on Halacha (Jewish law), and the decisions of such courts are legally binding upon the claimants.
  • Mediation Clinic

    As the courts become more and more crowded, the time lag for court sessions lengthens and the costs of legal recourse increase, a number of alternative dispute resolution techniques (ADR) have arisen to aid people in solving their disagreements outside the courtroom.
  • The Holocaust Survivors and Elderly Clinic

    The Marty Jacob Holocaust Survivors and Elderly Clinic
  • Environmental Justice Clinic

    The Environmental Justice Clinic was founded in 2001 with the goal of advancing the cause of environmental awareness, policy making and activism through legal counsel, research and education. The Clinic offers legal aid to organizations and vulnerable communities suffering from environmental...