Civil Legal Aid clinic


The Civil Legal Aid Clinic offers legal assistance to populations that cannot afford to engage professional legal aid. Regrettably, the prohibitively high cost of legal assistance often bars those in greatest need from applying for professional help. In addition, oftentimes the weaker populations are unaware of their rights and simply do not realize that legal recourse could save them from their painful predicament.  Their very poverty bars them from true justice, and makes them second class citizens in a country where the law does in fact secure their rights- if only they could access and employ the legal system.

Founded in 1988, The Civil Legal Aid Clinic operates twenty five service centers in economically deprived districts, and provides legal services to indigent persons in a wide variety of civil legal fields, including the collection of debts, social security, municipal rights, consumer protection and employment.

The Clinic's students are deployed in the service centers, which are operated in cooperation with national and local organizations. The students meet the individuals seeking aid personally on a weekly basis, and form a legal plan of action for each case, under the guidance of the Clinic lawyer. The students handle each case until its conclusion and engage in all aspects of the necessary legal work. Alongside the legal services, the students participate in lectures that enrich their knowledge in the sphere of civil legal aid and legal ethics. 

The Civil Legal Aid Clinic offers a response to an acute need. The Clinic is flooded with requests for aid, and currently receives over 2,000 applications annually.